When it originally hit the interwebs back in Spring of 2005 RazorFine Review was one piece of the Transmuto family (along with Transbudda, Scene-Stealers, and others).

RazorFine’s motto was simple: create a spot on the Internet for cutting edge reviews of movies, television, DVD’s, graphic novels and more. At time we also dipped out toes into anime reviews, entertainment news, and various “theme weeks” as well.

When Transbuddha went silent, RazorFine went down as well. Although we were able to save much of the database itself, the images, comments, several ratings, links, and other small pieces which tied the site together were lost.

Now back up and running, I’m currently in the process of fixing these various errors while continuing to churn out new reviews, but (as you can see) the number of posts on RazorFine (ranging from a wide variety of categories) makes this a challenging undertaking.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look around. You can also find new reviews, as well as other articles and various forms of madness, at Dad’s Big Plan (formerly Transbuddha) as well as ‘Xplosion of Awesome.

NOTICE 1/11/2015 – Due to the WordPress 4.0 update being incompatible with my theme’s comment structure (which is no loner supported) I’ve moved to the Disqus comment option to see if it resolves the issues.

NOTICE 9/25/2014 – The WordPress 4.0 update has broken the visibility of comments on the site. Comments are being saved, there is just an issue with them being properly displayed on the page. Please feel free to continue to leave comments which I will see, and will (hopefully) be viewable to others once the situation is resolved.

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