Marvel Studios officially names their upcoming projects

by Alan Rapp on July 16, 2012

in Film News & Trailers


At Comic-Con Marvel Studios made several official announcements concerning their next slate of comic book movies currently in the works and set to hit theaters over the next two years. Yes, Edgar Wright‘s Ant-Man is going forward. Yes, Iron Man 3 will star Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin. Yes, the Guardians of the Galaxy (complete with Rocket Racoon) will make their big-screen debut in 2014. And we’ve also got new titles for two of the sequels. Thor: The Dark World doesn’t offer much in terms of hints as to the plot but Captain America: The Winter Soldier sure as hell does (there are also reports that Anthony Mackie has signed on to play the Falcon). Check out more of the promo posters (and concept art for Guardians of the Galaxy) inside.






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