Anna Faris Flaunts her love of grilled cheese sandwiches

by Alan Rapp on July 12, 2012

in Books & Magazines

Recently Anna Faris drove her Mini Cooper by the Flaunt Magazine’s headquarters to grill herself a grilled cheese sandwich and to talk with Maxwell Williams about her challenge in working with Sasha Baron Coen on a film as heavily improvised as The Dictator, the exagerated dumb blonde version of herself she often portrays on-screen, the Scary Movie franchise, growing up in Seattle as a drama nerd, her recent film What’s Your Number?, her choice to finally major in English at the University of Washington, working on her next project I Give it a Year, the comedic power of cheese, meeting her husband Chris Pratt on the set of Take Me Home Tonight, her plans for a personal project involving her old high school drama program, the difficulties of being a working actress in Hollywood, and the angry response over her role in Observe and Report. She also took time for a photoshoot with Donna Trope which you can find inside.

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Wilks Christopher July 12, 2012 at 8:59 pm

Faris is such a doll. Quite an unusual young lady. She has a good physique for someone who loves grilled cheese sandwiches.


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