Fairly Legal – Finale

by Alan Rapp on June 18, 2012

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  • Title: Fairly Legal – Finale
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In the show’s Second Season finale Kate (Sarah Shahi) mulls over the consequences of moving in with Justin (Michael Trucco) while mediating a dispute between a lesbian couple (Lindy Booth, Rebecca Staab) whose relationship ended after they were fired by a news agency. Although the conflict appears to be settled easily Kate gets suspicious when the fact checker’s notes on a big corruption story aren’t returned to her, as promised as part of the settlement.

In order to find the truth and track the money trail Kate and Ben (Ryan Johnson) need the help of someone who owns stock in the the company Rachel was investigating when she was fired, and it just so happens Lauren (Virginia Williams) recently dated, and broke up with, someone who fits the bill – billionaire Robin Archer (Lloyd Owen). Lauren ask Robin for help and shortly thereafter receives a visit from a pair of very curious FBI agents wanting to know more about her relationship to the elusive billionaire.

With the help of one of Rachel’s former coworkers Kate is able to track the email calling for the the cover-up not only to Paul Kaplan, the head of the company, but to District Attorney Davidson (Esai Morales) as well. As Kate puts her plan in motion, and finds the mysterious Mr. Kaplan, Ben receives a visit from Leonardo (Baron Vaughn) and some unexpected advice as to how Ben should handle Kate and Justin moving in together.

Justin gets the job, but not the girl and Kate is able to secure his ex-husbands future if not his romantic happiness. The finale appears (once again) to give us the final word on Kate and Justin, but, of course, we’ve been here before. Lauren makes an impulsive decision to give Archer a chance, despite what Kate learns about the man which means it looks like the billionaire will be back for Season Three. As to Kate and her new beginning, and what roles Ben and the city’s new District Attorney will play, we’ll have to wait and see (but that final shot was a nice touch).

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