Green Lantern: The Animated Series – Reboot

by Alan Rapp on October 8, 2012

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  • Title: Green Lantern: The Animated Series – Reboot
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After discovering another Manhunter bunker with fellow Honor Guard GL Tomar-Re (Jeff Bennett), Hal Jordan (Josh Keaton) puts the old band together to search out the identity of whoever is controlling the former soldiers of the Guardians of the Universe. After recruiting Kilowog (Kevin Michael Richardson) and reacquiring the use of the Interceptor, the two Lanterns (with the help of one of Kilowog’s latest recruits) rescue Aya (Grey DeLisle) from dissection in the Oa science lab. The group then heads to the planet Biot which Tomar-Re believes the is the source of the signal reactivating and controlling the Manhunters.

On the planet the three Green Lanterns discover another bunker in the middle of a Manhunter junk yard as well as the facilities’ true purpose – repairing old Manhunters and creating an army of destruction for their leader – the Anti-Monitor (Tom Kenny). This leads to a confrontation between the master of the Anti-Matter Universe and  three Green Lanterns that, apparently, only two survive.

Not only does “Reboot” give us an appearance by Tomar-Re (who I hope we’ll see more of this season), but it includes a couple of great segments introducing another of my favorite Green Lanterns – Ch’p (who I really, really hope we’ll be seeing more of this season). We also get the first appearances of Larvox and Chaselon, and cliffhanger ending involving the apparent “death” of Hal Jordan while covering the escape of the other Lanterns. If Jordan is indeed lost in the Anti-Matter Universe it will be interesting to see for how long, and whether his adventures may lead him to Qward and the introduction of another Green Lantern.

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