It’s Always Sunny – Pop-Pop: The Final Solution

by Alan Rapp on October 14, 2012

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  • Title: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Pop-Pop: The Final Solution
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I have a confession to make. Although I loved the first few seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia I haven’t been a regular viewer for at a couple of years now. Setting down to watch the Eighth Season premiere it was obvious not much has changed. The Paddy crew are still despicable human beings making awful, awful decisions (which are sometimes very, very funny).

In “Pop-Pop: The Final Solution” Dennis (Glenn Howerton) and Dee (Kaitlin Olson) learn their grandfather is in a coma being kept alive on a respirator and they are tasked with deciding “whether that old Nazi bitch lives or dies.” Charlie (Charlie Day) believes Pop-Pop’s old painting, which was in the box of crap they stashed for the old men a few years back, might include his Nazi treasure including a dog painting Mac (Rob McElhenney) believes may have been painted by Adolf Hitler himself.

The search for the dog painting, which Frank (Danny DeVito) threw out, leads Charlie and Mac on a treasure hunt that includes a trip to the local dog pound to talk with Cricket (David Hornsby) and a dentist’s office where Mac double-crosses Charlie leaving him gassed out in the patient chair. Meanwhile Dennis and Dee’s decision not to pull Pop-Pop’s plug comes into question when they find racist Neo-Nazi films in his apartment. Unable to make the call themselves the pair sign power of attorney over to the “Jew Lawyer” (Brian Unger) who happily agrees to pull the plug if it means he never has to deal with any of the Reynolds family ever again. However, as is often the case on It’s Always Sunny, nobody gets exactly what they want in the end.

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