Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys

by Alan Rapp on May 21, 2008

in Theme Week, Toys & Collectibles

From time to time we give you the heads up on some serious nerd merchandise.  Today, as part of Indiana Jones Week, we delve into cool Indiana Jones merchandise including t-shirts, statues, busts, a new LEGO set for the upcoming film, trading cards, the famous hat and whip, and much, much more.  Check out the Full Diagnosis for all the Indy toy goodness!

Indiana Jones Cinemaquette [$1,999.99]

Ark of the Covenant [$250.00]

Indiana Jones RAH 12-Inch Figure [$149.99]

Raiders of the Lost Ark ARTFX Theater [$119.99]

Indiana Jones Wool Fedora Hat [$41.99]

LEGO Temple of the Crysal Skull [$79.99]

Indiana Jones Mini-Bust [$49.99]

Sound Effects Whip [$27.99]

Raiders of the Lost Ark T-Shirt [$18.99]

Whip and Fedora T-Shirt [$18.99]

Playing Card Tin [$12.99]

Motorcycle with Indy and Henry Jones [$9.99]

6-Foot Leather Whip [$9.99]

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