January 2009

Psych all mashed up

by Alan Rapp on January 7, 2009

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  • Title: Psych
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Psych, the USA Network original about a psychic detective who’s not so much a psychic (or a detective), returns for a new season on Friday at 10/9C. I must admit I’m pretty psych-ed as I’ve been a fan of the zaniness (including many 80’s pop culture references) of the show since it first aired. The official site has tons of fun stuff fans of the show can enjoy including clips, games, quizes, and the ability to make your own Psych Mashup. Head on over to make your own! Here’s mine.


Top Movies of 2008

by Alan Rapp on January 7, 2009

in Top Tens & Lists


Yeah, I know most people whittle their lists down to 10, but (as teh ‘monkey often observes) I’m not exactly what you’d call “normal.” And this way you get three more extra-good flicks at no extra charge.

2008 was the year of the cape. Super-heroes and comic book films hit theaters like Twilight tweens at a Robert Pattinson appearance, and most of them turned out to be pretty good (forgetting that second-half of Hancock and all of Punisher: War Zone). As a self-admitted and unabashed comic book nerd I couldn’t help but pepper my list with a few of these along with some heroes not in tights, a vampire, a pair of documentaries, and one kick ass panda.

Honorable mentions – Before we begin let me mention a couple films I missed including In Bruges, The Reader, and The Fall (the last of which made our pal Eric’s list), and offer some appreciation to the lovable also-rans who didn’t quite make the cut. These include Traitor, Tropic Thunder, The Visitor, Bolt, and Wall-E (the last film to miss the cut).

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