Avengers #11

by Alan Rapp on April 6, 2011

in Comics

avengers-11-coverWhat’s most interesting about this issue is that the entire story is presented from the perspective of Uatu, the Watcher. As the issue begins Parker Robbins holds three of the Infinity Gems. By the issue’s end all five of the gems will be located, but the last by a figure you wouldn’t expect.

Although the dialogue is limited here, we get plenty of action and quite a bit of narration from the Watcher which gives us insight into the limitations of Parker Robbins’ imagination. It’s actually a very clever plot device to explain why Robbins is able to beat back the heroes rather easily but at the same time not able to use the full power of the gems. Uatu also gives an important insight into the Red Hulk as well.

Uatu’s presence helps underscore the importance of the events and the power of the gems, as does the power of the Mind Gem pitted against the Earth’s most powerful telepath – Charles Xavier.

Oh, and the surprise guest who makes his appearance on the final panel? Yeah, that’s pretty damn cool, too. Must-read.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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