Batman ’66 #1

by Alan Rapp on October 19, 2013

in Comics

Batman '66 #1I finally decided to pick up the first few issues of Batman ’66, the print version of the digital comic inspired by the 1960s Batman television show. Batman ’66 #1 features Batman and Robin dealing with the return of the Riddler and his odd puzzles as he sets out to steal three pieces of priceless artwork from Gotham City created by a renown artist whose love for puzzles was well known.

While tackling the Riddler, Batman and Robin end up in the new night club owned by Catwoman who isn’t pleased with the mess they make of her club and her goons. Not involved with the crimes, Catwoman agrees to help the Dynamic Duo stop the Riddler (and take the opportunity to try and steal one of the pieces of art for herself).

As a fan of the old television show I can certainly see the nostalgic charm of the comic and the recreations of the designs of the TV-show (who doesn’t love that old Batmobile?), the ridiculous riddles and cornball moments (such as Batman and Robin taking a milk break in the Batcave), an a sense of fun missing from far too many of today’s Batman titles. Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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