Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten #29

by Alan Rapp on August 2, 2016

in Comics

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten #29Stymied by the limitations of his role as a Vengeance Demon and the rules still in place on the Vampyr tome (which seem to come out of nowhere by the way) by Willow not allowing him to expand his power any further, D’Hoffryn and his minions (who include the no longer ghost duplicate version of Anya) attack Buffy and her friends.

The first-half of the season finale finally pits the Scoobies directly against the big bad Buffy’s decision making helped create. Revealing Anya to the rest of the team, to the suprise of all the Scoobies except Xander, D’Hoffryn takes special glee in how his new disciple deals with her kinda-sorta former fiance.

Xander’s death (if that’s what it really is, and not a trick) comes as a surprise as it would take away Buffy’s oldest and most loyal friend. However, I’m betting on the idea that there’s more to Anya’s light show than just roasting the man who left a version of her at the altar. Worth a look.

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