Captain America #6

by Alan Rapp on January 1, 2012

in Comics

captain-america-6-coverWe get not one but two issues of Captain America to end the year. The new story arc plays on the seeds planted in the last issue as Queen Hydra and Baron Zemo infect Captain America‘s mind with a psychological attack.

Capa’s nightmares are getting worse (now he’s even dreaming being powerless to stop D-list villains like Batroc). To help clear his head he takes Hawkeye up on an offer of patrolling together. The cracking skulls and fresh air do a world of good until they come upon a riot caused by a “Madbomb.”

The situation spirals further out of control as Cap’s nightmares are made when he’s de-powered back to his pre-Super Soldier Serum days and set up by three low level baddies that make Batroc look like a genuine threat.

I was totally on board with the comic having villains attack Cap’s mind rather than face him head on. I’m far less sure of Cap’s nightmares becoming manifest in the real world. On the plus side, the art by Alan Davis is a big improvement over the last issue. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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