Codename: Action #2

by Alan Rapp on October 16, 2013

in Comics

Codename: Action #2After surviving the attack by unknown foreign agents thanks to their convertible submarine car, Operator 5 and the agency’s newest recruit Operative 1001 begin working together to try and discover who is behind the push for war and who wants them both out of the way.

Believing correctly important world leaders are being replaced, the two spies try to get one-step ahead of their unseen enemy by having Operator 5 replace a senator and try to lure the villains into the open with a speech before the United Nations calling for the end to nuclear proliferation. In France Black Venus and her team get their own bad news as the Prime Minister has called for the agents to publicly assassinate Soviet Operatives in Algeria, pushing the Cold War one step closer to igniting.

Issue #2 once again captures the feel of a cold war spy tale that also gives us an unexpected cameo from the Green Hornet and Kato that plays on larger themes of the comic but still seems a bit out of place. Worth a look.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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