Daredevil #12

by Alan Rapp on May 9, 2012

in Comics

Daredevil #12Matt Murdock and a blindfolded Assistant District Attorney Kristin McDuffie finally make it out on a date. Although the latest issue may be light on action there’s plenty worthy of discussion.

Daredevil’s had his share of lady loves over the years, including a recent tease of a possible relationship with the Black Cat, but I’ve got to say I’ve been enjoying the hell out of Murdock’s flirtations with the ADA who’s so sure he’s Daredevil she’s begun taunting him relentlessly.

The story centers around the pair walking around the fair as Matt explains his relationship to Foggy and how the college roommates who didn’t get along became best friends and partners when a vengeful professor named Leopold York tried to get Foggy expelled from law school.

The story works well, and the irony isn’t lost on Kristen as Daredevil talks about how he used to be “a little bit smug” back then. The story works to allow both Kristen and new readers to gain insight into the history of the Nelson & Murdock. Worth a look.

[Daredevil, $2.99]

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