Daredevil #6

by Alan Rapp on May 2, 2016

in Comics

Daredevil #6For the first time since Matt Murdock reset reality to hide his dual identity, both the lawyer and Daredevil have run-ins with Elektra. Murdock’s evening with his ex in a dive bar goes far better than the vigilante’s as Elektra proceeds to hold nothing back while beating Daredevil bloody (unaware who is under the mask).

Daredevil #6 showcases the positives and negatives of allowing Marvel Comics to reset Matt Murdock’s past. On one hand the issue provides the kind of throwdown between Daredevil and Elektra we wouldn’t have gotten before such a change. On the other hand such a move messes the waters of Daredevil’s past with one of key characters in it (he’s not even sure just what version of events Elektra remembers of her time with what she now believes are two separate individuals).

The fight definitely delivers on brutal action as Daredevil isn’t ready for the ferocious attack unleashed by the assassin. As to the final panel’s reveal of just what Elektra is after, that’s going to take some explanation (but for that we’ll have to wait at least one more issue). Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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