Daredevil #30

by Alan Rapp on August 26, 2013

in Comics

Daredevil #30Matt Murdock‘s life gets even more complicated when former Assistant District Attorney Kristen McDuffie takes Foggy‘s place as his new law partner and Daredevil is approached by an alien seeking sanctuary while fleeing the wrath of the Silver Surfer.

Although the Surfer is a tad too emotional here, which can be explained by the Achian’s powers of persuasion and distorting perception, I enjoyed writer Mark Waid’s take on the character even if the issue falls back on the most basic of comic tropes: a misunderstanding to pit two heroes against each other.

Daredevil gets his chance to fly the Surfer’s board and take down a cosmic bad guy, but in true Murdock fashion the comic ends on a downbeat as Murdock takes the lying alien’s “truth” to heart.

In an age when nearly everything being written is planned in advance to put out in a single arc trade paperback one-shots like this are a dying breed. And that’s too bad, because Waid and artist Chris Samnee prove how good such issues can be. Must-read.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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