Darkwing Duck #14

by Alan Rapp on July 25, 2011

in Comics

Darkwing Duck #14Just as Darkwing Duck‘s mayoral campaign begins in earnest he’s attacked from two sides. The first is by his opponent in the race, current City Councilwoman A. Dention, who wonders live on air if the blame for all the trouble in St. Canard shouldn’t fall at the feet of the city’s self-appointed savior.

As he’s out saving the city from another disaster Darkwing can’t fight back against Dention, but he can fight against his other threat – a giant armored battle suit at the hands of one pissed off kitten who calls himself Cat-Tankerous. (Which, seriously, is all kinds of awesome!)

Darkwing eventually triumphs over the new threat only to learn he’s just a kid trying to impress the girl he has a crush on – one Gosalyn Mallard. As to the identity of the villain who gave him the suit and sent him after Darkwing, that’s still to be determined (although we get out first look at the Myserio-like figure). One thing is for sure, however, Darkwing’s campaign just got tougher as the citizens of St. Canard have found a new hero to support – Launchpad McQuack!

I’m really enjoying these shorter tales, held together loosely by Darkwing’s decision to run for mayor, as writer Ian Brill’s last couple of four-issue story arcs began to lose a little steam near their conclusion. And once again artist James Silvani provides some of my favorite art in comics right now matching some visual jokes (and a couple of sly cameos) to go hand in hand with Brill’s insanely fun tale. Great fun all around. Must-read.

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