Darth Vader #21

by Alan Rapp on June 15, 2016

in Comics

Darth Vader #21Sending the murder droids after their missing creator, Darth Vader turns his attention on his new assignment from the Emperor: find rogue scientist Cylo who is building his own cyber-fleet of ships. Finding Aphra drunk in a bar in the Outer Rim, Triple-Zero and Beetee cause murder and mayhem on a large scale before finally convincing their former master to accompany them back to Lord Vader.

Vader’s journey takes him to the Crushank Nebulae in the Outer Rim where he forces Cylo to flee once again, but not before drilling his T.I.E. Advanced deep inside the traitor’s flagship where he will have to cut a large swath, and put down all obstacles placed in his path, to bridge the difference between himself and Cylo.

Darth Vader #21 is an action-heavy issue as both Vader and Aphra’s storylines contain extended actions sequences. Although Aphra has reason to fear what Vader wants her for, she has no choice to comply. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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