Fairest #1

by Alan Rapp on March 10, 2012

in Comics


The new series from writer Bill Willingham, artist Phil Jimenez, and with covers by Adam Hughes, explores the secret histories of Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Cinderella, the Snow Queen, Thumbelina, Snow White, Rose Red and others. The first issue centers around Ali Baba and a bottle imp named Jonah Panghammer (think genie, without the wishes).

We see the meeting of Ali Baba and his over-talkative imaginary friend and then quite a bit of running as the thief tries not to be mauled to death by a monster while his new friend prattles on about himself. Once safe, the imp tells him of a way for the thief to find the riches he so deserves. His new master jumps at the chance, even if that means sneaking through a goblin camp to kiss a sleeping princess and win himself a kingdom.

Fans of the Fables series should enjoy themselves here. The writing is quick-witted and Jimenez’s art looks terrific. Worth a look.

[Vertigo, $2.99]

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