Fatale #15

by Alan Rapp on July 5, 2013

in Comics

Fatale #15After loosing his leg and spending nearly a year in jail the latest issue of Fatale finally picks up the thread of Nicholas Lash‘s storyline. Combing over the edited pages of his uncle’s manuscript in search of answers to the secret of Josephine, the obsessed Lash is finally let out of prison and taken to the courthouse where a madman kills his lawyer and helps him escape, all for her. It appears she hasn’t forgotten him after all.

The rest of the issue takes place years earlier when a member of a struggling band turned bank robber discovers a nude and bloodied Josephine on the side of the road. We get glimpses of what she escaped from, and at least one man still on her trail, but Josephine herself seems lost and confused as to how she ended up naked running through the woods.

I’m happy to see Lash’s return but the length of his story cuts into the opening of Josephine’s new arc which has to spend several pages introducing Lance as well. This means the crux behind the new arc is teased but not really shown. Still, fans of Fatale should enjoy themselves here. Worth a look.

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