Fatale #16

by Alan Rapp on August 12, 2013

in Comics

Fatale #16The latest issue continues the storyline of Josephine still suffering from amnesia in Seattle during the 1990’s. Fatale #16 works well in explaining why Josephine has so many rules with men by foreshadowing dark outcomes for the house mates who she begins effecting, especially after sleeping with two separate members of the band.

Fatale #16 also fills in the past of the serial killer cop obsessed with killing women who look like Josephine since first meeting her more than two decades ago as a child. The realization that she’s still alive, and looks exactly the same as the last time he saw her, is quite enough to drive the already less-than-sane an completely over the edge.

Although this issue is mostly set-up for the death and pain we can see coming, writer Ed Brubaker teases us with an oppressive foreboding that’s contradictory the the sunny nature of “Jane Doe” who doesn’t even realize how effortlessly she’s going to ruin the lives of everyone in the house. Worth a look.

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