Fear Itself #7.1

by Alan Rapp on November 9, 2011

in Comics

fear-itself-7-1-coverIt’s no big secret that I wasn’t a big fan of Fear Itself (or as I like to call it Marvel Comics Hammertime). Nor do I usually give even a first glance to Marvel’s slate of .1 issues which seems like a really odd attempt to explain storylines that writers aren’t doing well in the monthly titles. So the fact that I even glanced at this issue, let alone bought it, might at first appear odd.

The issue (finally!) wraps up with the death of Bucky Barnes from Fear Itself #3 with Steve Rogers preparing the eulogy for Bucky-Cap’s funeral. It also includes a scene where Rogers beats the ever-living-crap out of Nick Fury. And a second where he threatens to give the spy a second beatdown. Why you ask? Spoilers follow!

Bucky isn’t dead. Yeah, you read that right. Fury used the last of the Infinity Formula to save his life (making him yet another Super Soldier… how many does Marvel Comics have now?) and covered up the incident to make it appear the wanted fugitive had died fighting Sin and her magic hammer. Needless to say Cap ain’t too happy about being lied to.

Aside from feeling like a cheap out, the comic works well and I’m actually glad to see Bucky stay around. I’m not sure reintroducing Bucky as the Winter Soldier (who every knows was him) makes any sense if he’s going to work in the shadows, but I’ll give Brubaker a shot (especially since it appears he’s far more interested in writing Bucky stories than Rogers stories at this point). Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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