FF #4

by Alan Rapp on June 1, 2011

in Comics

ff-4-coverAs Reed Richards and Valeria meet with the council Doctor Doom has brought together, the rest of the team separately try to wrap their heads around the situation that’s called for them to invite a handful of their worst enemies into their home.

Spider-Man and the Invisible Woman have a nice scene together where they discuss the situation as she makes sandwiches for the children – without crust. (We also learn that Spider-Man hates mayonnaise – something I can totally agree with.) It’s a nice surprise that the Sue/Spidey relationship is one of the strongest bonds the Web-Head has made on the team even if he has more time fighting alongside with the Thing and more in common with Mr. Fantastic.

All isn’t quiet for long on their front, however, as Spidey, Sue and Alex Power (breaking out the much cooler black versions of the Future Foundation costumes) are called to the Peak of Old Atlantis which is under attack not only the Chordai and Mala, but the Mole Man‘s private army, and a very special guest. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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