Final Crisis: Revelations #3 (of 5)

by Alan Rapp on October 15, 2008

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  • Title: Final Crisis – Revelations #3 (of 5)
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“For one moment, one small, horrible, eternal moment I understand Crispus Allen and I understand the Spectre.  And I want to hate God, too.”

The story picks up with Gotham in flames and the populace slave to the Anti-Llife Equation and Darkseid‘s will.  We find the Spectre and Radiant, the Spirit of Mercy, under siege and ineffective against a mob and the Question getting the ever-living snot beaten out of her by Batwoman.

Elsewhere a legion of the converted, under the command of their leader Cain, who now possesses the Spear of Destiny, march to the church where the heroes have taken refuge.  The world has gone to Hell, their faith is broken, and evil is indeed winning.

Although dense, and a bit bewildering, I was surprised how accesible this issue is.  I didn’t read the first two issues of this Final Crisis tie-in, but even so the action is easy to follow, if odd.  (Vandal Savage is Cain?)

It’s obvious the Spectre is in need of a revamp, and taking him to rock bottom is a good start.  The character has never been the same since Crisis on Infinite Earths and it will be interesting to see what emerges out of Final Crisis.  I also like the character of Radiant as a companion to the Spectre giving the book a kinda’ Hawk and Dove vibe.

I’ll admit Final Crisis hasn’t yet won me over, but this story seems to be working pretty well.  And I’ll also admit a bit of a guilty pleasure at seeing Montoya beaten down (yeah, I want my Vic Sage back!) in a pretty one-sided girl fight.  I’m also very intrigued by the character of Radiant and hope to see more of her post-Final Crisis.

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