G.I. JOE #5

by Alan Rapp on June 26, 2013

in Comics

G.I. JOE #5“Homecoming,” the opening arc of G.I. JOE, comes to a close in a way that can only be seen as a failure for the JOEs. Although the team manages to make it out alive of a town under the control of Cobra, and Cobra Commander is dissatisfied enough with the Baroness‘ performance to award a prestigious position to another lieutenant, the fallout of the bombed-out town must be laid at the feet of the JOE team that was unable to save it.

G.I. JOE #5 is heavy on action as the scattered team fight to stop Cobra from executing their back-up plan by bombing the town. Tunnel Rat is able to hold off Scrap-Iron and stop his detonation, but all late do the JOEs discover he wasn’t the only one with a detonator. The Baroness gets the better of Hashtag and gets away, however the team’s short-lived personal reporter has seen enough to sign-up as a permanent member of the squad.

Cobra’s victory and the return of the Mad Monk means the team will have to be even more vigilant in the months to come. We’ll also have to see what the negative public fallout means for the team. For fans.

[IDW, $3.99]

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