Green Lanterns #2

by Alan Rapp on July 13, 2016

in Comics

Green Lanterns #2The mismatched pair of green rookie (pardon the pun) Lanterns continues as Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz struggle to work together to deal with the rage epidemic created crowds of rage-fueled rioters (including Jessica’s sister Sara).

Keeping Jessica Cruz front and center, necessary because she’s the newer of the two characters (not to mention the far more interesting of the pair), the issue continues to focus on her inexperience as a Lantern including qualities which seem to make her a quizzical choice for a ring-bearer. The contradictions of the character certainly make Jessica one of the more intriguing GLs we’ve gotten in recent years and a character I continually find myself rooting for to unlock her full potential.

Although we have yet to see a direct confrontation between the two groups, Green Lanterns #2 does include appearances by Red Lanterns Atrocitus, Bleez, and (the most awesome Red Lantern of them all) Dex-Starr. With the Red Lanterns unleashing hell on Earth I’m guessing we won’t have to wait too long before a showdown (and more Dex-Starr!!!). Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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