Guardians of the Galaxy #6

by Alan Rapp on October 22, 2008

in Comics

  • Title: Guardians of the Galazy #6
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“Drax has ideas of his own.  He reasons that as Skrulls return to their native form after death, the only sure way to dtect them is to kill them… and that means killing everyone aboard.”

We begin the issue with the deaths of all the Guardians of the Galaxy, but only for a few seconds.  In order to find the Skrull infiltrators Drax, never the smartest blade in the drawer, rendered everyone aboard the ship braindead for a few seconds, thus forcing the Skrulls to revert to their true forms.

Elsewhere on the ship however Cosmo has discovered a startling truth about Knowhere’s uninvited passengers, although they are Skrulls they aren’t looking for a fight.  This group is made of pacifists who are attempting to escape the Skrull “schemes of conquest.”

During the craziness, conflict, and aftermath, the truth about Star-Lord‘s forming of the team by using Manits to bend the wills of everyone just enough to join comes to light.  Let’s just say the news doesn’t sit too well with the team who voice their displeasure before exiting stage left.

As the issues ends Mantis informs Star-Lord that the future is unfolding in the wrong manner, that something has changed the timeline.  We are left with the image of a caged Starhawk laughing.

There’s quite a bit here that works well.  First I like the idea of a sub-culture of Skrulls who don’t follow the general mantra, and I also think it’s pretty cool how the issue shows us that Cosmo, when he wants to be, can be the single most formidable member of the team.  And finally we get a glimmer as to what Starhawk is doing in this timeline, though we’ll have to wait until at least next issue to find out why.

All in all a fun, action packed, issue with the last few pages leading to perhaps some big changes in the next issue?  Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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