Herobear and the Kid Special #1

by Alan Rapp on June 15, 2013

in Comics

Herobear and the Kid Special #1Writer and artist Mike Kunkel’s Herobear and the Kid has a very strong Calvin and Hobbes feel to it. The Eisner Award winning stories center around the misadventures of an easily distracted young boy named Tyler and his stuffed polar bear who, when no one is looking, transforms into a full-sized bear with super-powers.

Herobear and the Kid Special #1 follows a common theme of Tyler getting sidetracked by adventures which first cause him to be late for school and then almost make him miss “Picture Day” at school as Tyler and Herobear set out to stop an attack on the Simpleton Bridge from Von Klon and his Sub of Doom.

At $4 its a little pricey for an all-ages comic (although that seems to be the going rate for these now). I enjoy Kunkel’s black and white style, with flashes of red (which actually remind me of some of Matt Wagner‘s far darker Grendel stories). Worth a look.

[Kaboom! Studios, $3.99]

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