by Alan Rapp on February 2, 2011

in Comics

What a waste. Writer/artist Howard Chaykin gives us a glimpse at Magneto‘s first time in costume and what should be electrifying is as bland and forgettable as anything Marvel has put out in the last five years.

Aside from the obvious fact that this story makes no sense whatsoever for anyone who knows X-Men continuity, the idea of Magneto slumming around Brooklyn for a few months, falling in love, and putting on his costume for the first time to fight a Golem formed by the nightmares of the many young mutants (apparently Brooklyn is full of mutants) who live there, is even more ill-conceived than it sounds.

I’m a big fan of the character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. In fact, when written well, he’s my favorite X-Men character. Sadly, in terms of talent, Chaykin is a far cry from either of Magneto’s creators. This Magneto is roguish, boorish, and less than a pale shadow of the man who would come to torment the X-Men for years to come. Best forgotten, leave this one on the shelf where it belongs.

[Marvel $2.99]

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