Uncanny X-Men #4

by Alan Rapp on April 19, 2013

in Comics

Uncanny X-Men #4With the Avengers temporarily out of picture halfway around the world, Cyclops and his team head to the Jean Grey School for Girls where he, Magneto, Emma Frost, and Magik make a pitch to the students. Although they might not get as many new recruits as Cyclops had hoped, the mission is far from a total loss as they do return home with Angel, and the Stepford Sisters (who decide to return with Emma even after engaging in a little psychic warfare with their “mother”).

While the grown-ups are out recruiting, Fabio Medina, TriageBenjamin Deeds, and Tempus get to know each other a little better, check out their new digs, learn all about the Danger Room when they accidentally activate the program, and speculate whether or not they have made the right choice joining Cyclops’ team. These scenes are quite fun.

Meanwhile, Magik begins experiencing troubles of her own as she is pulled through hell and back setting up what I can only assume will be the focus of the next issue (or two).

Uncanny X-Men #4 is another strong issue giving equal time to both the big guns and the younger generation of Cyclops’ team. However, it is a little awkward the comic can’t decide if Wolverine is supposed to be present (he’s drawn in a couple panels but never speaks or acts) when Cyclops and his team arrive. And, despite reading every issue of this series so far, I also found Magik’s subplot, which eventually takes over the comic, confusing. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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