Morning Glories #15

by Alan Rapp on January 26, 2012

in Comics

morning-glories-15-coverIn the latest issue of Morning Glories Zoe takes center stage and makes a solid case why she might be the most screwed-up member of the freshman class (which, at this school, is saying something!) as the Wood Run storyline continues.

Zoe and Hunter work together to capture their flag, stopping to make camp and to give Zoe a chance for a not-so-comforting lecture the impossibility of a Hunter and Casey relationship. Along the way Hunter meets a new friend who not only has high nerd cred but a pretty obvious crush on Hunter as well. It’s too bad, given the shocking final panels, things between them will never work out.

Once again writer Nick Spencer and artist Joe Eisma give us another weird, but highly entertaining tale, and a terrific value. At an age when content seems to be shrinking as more and more monthly comics seem hellbent on a $4 price-tag, here’s 30 pages of (very good) story for $3. That’s pretty awesome, if you ask me. Worth a look.

[Image, $2.99]

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