Morning Glories #32

by Alan Rapp on October 12, 2013

in Comics

Morning Glories #32The fallout from Irina’s failed coup continues as the series loops back around to focus on the imprisoned Vanessa who is paid a visit by Hodge and offered a moment of closure with the boy she loved and lost.

Morning Glories #32 is an interesting issue because of what Hodge shows the young woman to try and repair their damaged relationship and what the comic hides from the character but shows us giving the audience a much clearer understanding of both Hodge’s motivations and Vanessa’s troubled future. Despite helping both Casey and now Vanessa, the latest issue implies Hodge may actually be the worst of the faculty in terms of manipulation.

We discover the Morning Glories Academy campus has another holy or mystical site which can be used to travel through time such as the cave and the tower. Hodge’s use of Zhuang Zhou‘s famous quote about about the loss of perception and understanding is a reminder that everything both the characters and audience experience in this world has far more facets than may be initially realized. Worth a look.

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