Batman #4

by Alan Rapp on December 24, 2011

in Comics

batman-4-new-52-coverScott Snyder’s run on the newly relauned Batman started pretty strong but this issue, much like issue #3, gets bogged down too much in the history of a young Bruce Wayne’s obsession with the mysterious secret organization known as the Court of Owls.

The idea is presented (and thankfully dismissed) that the secret sect may have had something to do with the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne. There’s also an offhand reference to Joe Chill that comes off clumsy and confusing (even more so because we don’t know if Batman knows Chill killed his parents in this New 52 version of the DCU, or if Chill is even responsible here).

Although I’m happy to see Snyder focusing on the detective aspect of Batman, the mystery surrounding the Court of Owls has gotten stagnant. I’m also sad to see that Bruce Wayne’s relationship with Dick Grayson appears to be more dismissive and less collaborative than I’d like.

The art by Greg Capullo looks great, and the comic ends with a panel that suggests things will pick up in the next issue. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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