Batman and Robin #15

by Alan Rapp on December 18, 2012

in Comics

batman-and-robin-new-52-15-coverI cannot express how ready I am for Death of the Family to be over. Seriously, I’m done. The Joker‘s reintroduction to the New 52 has been a gritty, dirty, and awful B-movie horror flick version of Batman I never wanted to see. The latest issue of Batman and Robin features a Death of the Family tie-in as Damian is captured by the Joker.

In much the same tone as nearly every other issue of this crossover, we’re given a bleak story of a captured Damian matching wits with the face-removing Joker who gets to know the newest Robin far better. The comic ends with a reveal that I’m guessing will be explained in one of the other comics (as it certainly isn’t here) before returning to the story next month.

I like Damian, and I certainly like how he stands up for himself against the psychopath, but there’s nothing of note, and certain nothing enjoyable delivered here that makes this one worth picking up. Sadly, this seems to be an all to familiar trend with the Bat-books recently. Pass.

[DC, $2.99]

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