Batman and Robin Annual #1

by Alan Rapp on February 9, 2013

in Comics

Batman and Robin Annual #1This is more like it. As the Bat-books continue to be mired in Death of a Family we get a short reprieve here with this annual that’s a breath of fresh air. After Damian arranges a scavenger hunt to keep Bruce Wayne and Alfred busy overseas for a few days, Robin creates his own Batman costume (a nod to the future adult version of Damian as Batman presented in Batman #666) and heads out to defend Gotham on his own as Batman.

What’s great about this story is nothing is wasted. Bruce’s trip isn’t a complete waste of time only to get him out of the way as Damian has put the time and the thought into crafting a very emotional journey for his father which should only bring the pair closer together.

And as for a pint-sized Batman ruling the night in Gotham, it’s a blast! Damian truly works in brutal, but Batman-like efficency, and never becomes the isipid murderous twerp some writers use as his fallback setting. I know I have been hard on the Bat-books recently, but this is a perfect example of what they can be when a little joy is inserted into the equation. Must-read.

[DC, $4.99]

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