Detective Comics #22

by Alan Rapp on July 12, 2013

in Comics

Detective Comics #22The beginning of a new arc brings new enemies to Gotham for both Batman and Bruce Wayne. As Wayne staves off the aggression of billionaire weapons designer E.D. Caldwell who desperately wants to acquiring Wayne Enterprises technology to further his fortunes, Batman is presented with a new stable of deadly vigilantes operating in Gotham City under the command of Wrath (who, of course, is also Caldwell).

I’m not sure a late 2000’s Lex Luthor-style ripoff who also enjoys dressing up in tights and armor is a good foil for Batman. Batman dispatches Wrath’s first lieutenant without much effort (although he does have to deal with one cop who mistakes Batman for the vigilante and another intent on killing Scorn).

Although it opens up new possibilities and challenges for Batman, I’m not sold on this storyline (or either Caldwell or Wrath). The comic also offers another less than great Man-Bat back-up story that takes up way too many pages and reveals that Francine Langstrom (to no one’s surprise) is actually the Man-Bat attacking the streets at night. Anytime DC wants to dump this story would be fine with me. Hit-and-Miss.

[DC, $3.99]

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