Justice League International Annual #1

by Alan Rapp on September 6, 2012

in Comics

justice-league-international-new-52-annual-1-coverThis is an unusual comic, and not only because it’s an annual for a series that’s been cancelled, introduces characters we may never see again, and shows us there’s no hope the team, in any recognizable form, is returning anytime soon in a new title.

In Justice League International Annual #1 Guy Gardner quits (again), and Booster Gold puts together a new team from the ashes of the old JLI by welcoming O.M.A.C., Blue Beetle, and the Olympian. However, the new JLI will last less than a full issue as O.M.A.C., now under control of Brother EYE, goes berserk and tries to kill every other member of the team.

Even if it does feel rushed, and kind of a mess, the story does have some important moments of note including Godiva and Booster’s kiss (I’m sad it looks like these characters won’t be together anymore), Blue Beetle being sent to the homeworld of the Reach, and our the first time Booster’s time traveling for Rip Hunter has been officially made part of New 52 continuity.

With Booster Gold disappearing from existence but not continuity (Batman still remembers him) and the universe altering effects of Superman and Wonder Woman’s kiss, there’s quite a bit left unanswered (including the identity of the person now in control of Brother EYE). As to when we might get some answers, or see Booster’s Bunch again, your guess is as good as mine. Worth a look.

[DC, $4.99]

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