Larfleeze #3

by Alan Rapp on September 8, 2013

in Comics

Larfleeze #3Things get even more confusing for Pulsar Stargrave when he meets The Wanderer, the cosmic entity from Laord of the Hunt‘s dimension who has kept him alive and apparently bought Stargrave from Larfleeze before the Orange Lantern was beaten by her brother.

At first Stargrave can’t believe his good fortune as The Wanderer certainly makes for a far less bloodthirsty or insane master compared to his previous employers. Of course when The Wanderer decides the first step in preparing Stargrave for his new role is his castration all bets are off.

Freeing Larfleeze, Stargrave’s former employer sets off to steal all of Laord’s wealth and creates Orange Lantern constructs to deal with The Wanderer and reacquire his property, however things take yet another turn when The Wanderer uses her powers to turn the constructs into flesh and blood Orange Lanterns not too happy with being betrayed and slaughtered by their old pal Larfleeze in another goofy and enjoyable issue from Keith Giffen and J. M. DeMatteis. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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