National Comics: Madame X

by Alan Rapp on October 31, 2012

in Comics

national-comics-madame-x-one-shot-coverOriginally created back in 1978, Madame Xanadu has moved around the periphery of the DCU for years, sometimes helping others and sometimes further her own ends. The character was reintroduced in the New 52 as a supporting character in Justice League Dark and now earns her own one-shot with National Comics: Madame X (a title referring to DC Comics‘ former name).

The new version of the character, with her name shortened to Madame X, works as a magical consultant for the mayor of New Orleans after briefly using her gifts for fame which destroyed both her life and her reputation. (I’m guessing somebody at DC really likes The Mentallist.)

The one-shot features Madam X brought in to solve a case involving the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans (who’s not really a voodoo queen), a zombie (who’s not really a zombie), and the murder of a local councilman.

The comic’s not bad, but certainly nothing special. And with a $4 price tag, it probably will appeal to only longtime fans of the character. Hit-and-Miss.

[DC, $3.99]

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