Red Hood and the Outlaws #6

by Alan Rapp on February 18, 2012

in Comics

red-hood-and-the-outlaws-6-coverThe latest issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws takes a look back at the first meeting between Jason Todd and Starfire months before the events of the first issue. Writer Scott Lobdell has taken quite a bit of heat for the current version of Starfire and this month’s comic is obviously an attempt to try and molify some of the criticism the title has garnered.

You can certainly argue Lobdell’s writing has been lacking in how he has expressed the character’s redesign on the page, but I’m actually like the idea of expanding on the character’s existing alien look at emotional and physical relationships. In more than one way Kory saves Jason Todd in this issue, first from his wounds and later by offering her friendship and a simple view of the world that at least begins to put him on a better path.

Would I like this version of Kory to be a little more sentimental and care about the past? Sure. But as a concept her current outlook fits not only the redesign of the character but also the comic and relationship with Todd she finds herself in.

The issue is also memorable for giving us a flashback of Todd as the snotty Boy Wonder and a New 52 tweaked design of the old Nightwing costume. I’ll admit I like the costume (although the flashback itself is far too much a hamfisted reminder of why Todd was killed off in the comics so long ago). Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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Jazz February 19, 2012 at 9:19 pm

This title has been unfairly attacked I think. I was never a fan of Jason Todd, Kory, or Roy but I am enjoying it. Thanks again.


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