The Flash #1

by Alan Rapp on October 3, 2011

in Comics

flash-new-52-1-coverThe newest relaunch of The Flash is one of the DC Reboot’s better first issues. Although the main plot involving the death of an old friend of Barry Allen‘s isn’t as engaging as I’d like writer and artist Francis Manapul does a good job reintroducing the character of the Flash with a couple of the character’s Silver Age trademark trappings (including storing his suit in his Flash ring).

Despite a so-so first adventure Manapaul does get the feel of Barry Allen right. There are nice early moments including the Flash’s guilt over the loss of his friend, a terrific opening splash panel, and a humorous conversation between Iris West and the Flash after he’s saved the day.

Yes, I say Iris West because in DC’s New 52 it appears Barry and Iris aren’t married (and maybe haven’t ever dated). I’ve got to say this change was shocking to me as Barry’s relationship to Iris is one of the defining pieces of his character. DC is really starting him back at square one (which is the exact opposite choice they made for Hal Jordan, who appears to gone through his entire DC history in a condensed time period).

Even with some questionable changes (including the suit that now comes in pieces?) the first issue gets a lot right and does give us a fun Flash story, and let’s face it, given the events of Flashpoint it’s been awhile. Of all DC’s characters Flash is one that should have one of the broadest appeals to readers of all ages. I’m hoping Manapul keeps things fast-paced and fun and, as soon as possible, gets Barry and Iris back together. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99}

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