Threshold #3

by Alan Rapp on March 17, 2013

in Comics

Threshold #3While I wasn’t looking DC Comics launched their only thinly-veiled rip-off of Marvel Comics’ Guardians of the Galaxy as part of the New 52. Now I love the Guardians (both original and newer versions), so the concept of a rag-tag DC version of space explorers told by the extremely talented Keith Giffen doesn’t sound like that bad of an idea to me (even if the comic really isn’t all that interesting or well-told). At worst it would just be another New 52 mistake I could blissfully ignore. And then this happened.

Threshold #3 introduces the beloved character of Captain Carrot, created by Roy Thomas and Scott Shaw in 1982,  to a new generation of readers. Normally something like that would get standing applause from me. However, given the character gets his own 90’s Image Comics Exteme makeover (which seems to now be a prerequisite for any and all classic DC characters) I’m far less pleased.

I love Captain Carrot. I’m also extremely fond of Rocket Raccoon. You know what I’m so pleased with? Captain Carrot redesigned as a more extreme version of Rocket Raccoon.

When images of the new “Captain K’rot” started hitting the Internet months ago I prayed it was some elaborate hoax. Sadly, this wasn’t the case. Seeing yet another beloved character from my childhood debased for a quick buck didn’t fill me with anger or surprise. After a year and a half of being desensitized to how DC Comics has chosen to do business, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised by any new low the New 52 will eventually sink to. And this is pretty damn low. And I fucking love Keith Giffen! Pass.

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