New Avengers #14

by Alan Rapp on July 20, 2011

in Comics

New Avengers 14I’ve been lukewarm to the entire Fear Itself storyline, but this is the first tie-in that I’ve really liked. And it’s not only because it manages to summarize the entire summer event in a single panel (though it does, marvelously). It’s because this is simply a darn good story, even if it is tied to an event I care little or nothing about. And even more unlikely, it’s centered around a character I’ve never given two shits about.

The entire issue is centered around Mockingbird coming to grips with being alive, reuniting with her New Avenger teammates, and trying her new found abilities out on Nazi robots. Yeah, that’s right, Nazi robots!

It seems Mockingbird was saved from certain death by a combination of some leftover version of Super Soldier Serum (which made Steve Rogers into Captain America) mixed with the Infinity Formula (which made Nick Fury effectively immortal) transforming a throwaway character into a possible major player in the Marvel Universe. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m intrigued to see what will happen to the character next.

There’s also a couple of chilling moments including a not-so-subtle 9/11 sequence with the fall of Avengers Tower and Mockingbird’s conclusion about why she’s still alive and what her new purpose is. Let’s just say Steve Rogers isn’t likely to approve.

This issue also includes Spider-Man quitting the team unable to come to grips with Victoria Hand‘s involvement with the squad. Although Wolverine attempts to talk reason to the Web-Head, he’s on his way out the door when Mockingbird returns and isn’t with the team during the battle with the giant Nazi robots (and we know Spidey’s not going to miss giant Nazi robots, right?). If true, his absence from the team will be felt for a very long time. Must-read.

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