Red Hood and the Outlaws #5

by Alan Rapp on January 28, 2012

in Comics

red-hood-and-the-outlaws-5-coverThe latest issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws gives us not one but two battle scenes as the Red Hood battles the Untitled and Arsenal and Starfire take down the crocodile-Man-Bat-thing known as Crux. It’s not a great story, and (as has been the case for this comic) some of the writing may illicit unplanned groans or giggles from the reader, but (unlike a vast majority of the New 52) it is fun.

This issue puts Jason Todd on a path. It’s a murderous path to be sure, but at least we now know where writer Scott Lobdell is planning to take the Red Hood and the rest of the team. I’m confused by the blood blades and the reasoning why Starfire didn’t loose her powers, but let’s be honest – logic has never been this comic’s strong suit.

Even though I’ve stopped reading many of the New 52 titles I’m going to stay with Red Hood and the Outlaws for at least awhile longer. It’s never quite what I expect, and its not the direction I would take the characters, but I’m still intrigued by what Lobdell has planned for this motley crew he’s assembled. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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