She-Hulks #4

by Alan Rapp on February 9, 2011

in Comics

I honestly think Marvel and DC are in a race right now to come up with multiple insignificant versions of the same character. At this point I’m not sure if DC’s got more Flashes or if Marvel has more Hulks.

This mini-series, which ends with this issue, has been primarily focused on two of the She-Hulks (no, that’s not all of them), the original She-Hulk (Jen Walters) and Lyra, the young daughter of a Hulk from a distant future in a parallel dimension (or some such thing that makes my head hurt if I think too long about it).

Issue #4 has some nice moments, particularly two talks Jen and Lyra have together before and after the school dance. The two work well together, although I’d like Jen to have a little more to do here than simply be the voice of wisdom (and kick-ass in two or three panels). There’s also some nice humorous touches by the omniscient narrator but I’ve also got to find fault with writer Harrison Wilcox for a trite moral lesson to end the series on a down note.

If you haven’t been reading it there’s no reason to pick it up. If you have you probably enjoy the character of Lyra more than me (or at least care enough to remember who she is). Or maybe I’m just Hulked out from all the Hulksanity that’s been running wild over the Marvel Universe the past few months (years?). Hit-and-Miss.

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