Snake Eyes #5

by Alan Rapp on October 1, 2011

in Comics

snake-eyes-5-coverSnake Eyes and his team made it off the mountain alive, but a new threat has been unleashed upon the world by another agent of Cobra hoping to earn himself the title of Cobra Commander. Scientist Rodrigo Vargas has released a pandemic to spread fear and death across the world. The disease, it turns out, is the same strain that is slowly killing Duke.

As the rest of his team lick their wounds Snake Eyes and Duke (in a protection suit designed to slow the process of the disease and stop him from spreading it to others) prepare to set out to find Vargas and a cure before a world-wide spread of the virus.

Chuck Dixon gives us a solid issue that sets up a new story arc for Snake Eyes. It might not be as strong as my favorite JOE trapped in a mountains surrounded by Cobra agents trying to kill him, but I’ve got a feeling things should begin to pick back up next issue (especially once we learn how the disease can psychologically effect those infected). Worth a look.

[IDW, $3.99]

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