Star Wars #11

by Alan Rapp on November 20, 2013

in Comics

Star Wars #11Although Han and Chewie are still off on their own trying to procure weapons for the Rebellion, most of the other individual storylines converge as the Star Destroyer Devastator catches up to the Rebel Fleet.

Leia returns just as the fighting begins, and Luke and Wedge aren’t far behind flying T.I.E. Interceptors as part of the squadron attacking the Rebel’s carriers and supply ships. With some nifty flying and a bit of luck the pair manage to make it on-board without any of their friends accidentally killing them. The real surprise, however, is the other Imperial T.I.E. Fighter Pilot who surrenders to the Rebels who turns their almost sure defeat into news of disaster that will enrage Darth Vader to ignore his orders to oversee the Second Death Star and continue his search for young Skywalker.

Fans of space battles, X-Wings, and Interceptors should enjoy this issue as much of it has to deal with in space that our main characters (not surprisingly) manage to survive. With all but Han Solo’s story wrapping up it will be interesting to see what direction the series takes from here. Worth a look.

[Dark Horse, $2.99]

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