Star Wars #24

by Alan Rapp on November 1, 2016

in Comics

Star Wars #24The Rebels arrive at Tureen VII aboard their stolen Imperial Star Destroyer discovering far too late the number of mechanical issues the skeleton crew has discovered in the past few days is actually the handiwork of Sgt. Kreel and his Stroomtrooper squadron. Jumping out of hyperspace without cannons, the Star Destroyer’s bridge explodes as Leia‘s team confronts the Imperials aboard the nearly-empty Star Destroyer.

The Harbinger makes its way through the planet’s blockade’s fairly easily, but without guns even the unpredictable piloting of Han Solo will only get the Rebels so far… particularly now that Darth Vader has arrived to take possession of his prize.

Plenty of action here include a lightsaber battle between Luke and Kreel and multiple battles between the Rebels and Stromtroopers all over the ship, one of which nearly gets Sana sucked out an airlock. Things aren’t looking good for our heroes (but never tell them the odds). Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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