Star Wars #3

by Alan Rapp on March 18, 2013

in Comics

Star Wars #3Tensions start to fray in Star Wars #3 as Princess Leia becomes increasingly frustrated with Luke‘s inability to follow orders and his flirtateous relationship with Prithi, another member of Leia’s secret squadron. Things aren’t going much better for Han and Chewie whose rendezvous with a contact on Coruscant ends with Solo shooting the traitor in the back and a shoot out with Imperial agents.

Unable to get Luke to follow orders, and stung by his words and reminder what he’s accomplished for the Rebellion so far, Leia benches her best pilot, but, as Mon Mothma suggests, she most consider whether her jealousy over Luke’s relationship with Prithi is clouding her judgement.

Darth Vader arrives at his new assignment, overseeing the Empire’s new secret battle station high above the forest moon of Endor: the second Death Star whose construction appears to have been well under way before the Rebellion’s destruction of the original Death Star. Worth a look.

[Dark Horse, $2.99]

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