Super Dinosaur #20

by Alan Rapp on September 3, 2013

in Comics

Super Dinosaur #20After a three-month hiatus Super Dinosaur returns with new toys for Derek Dynamo and his best bud Super Dinosaur and a new mission to find the right isotope needed from Max Maximus‘ former confederates which is the only possible cure for his mother’s coma.

With no word on the series for months I had wondered if it had been cancelled. Thankfully Derek and SD live to fight on another day as the latest issue dresses the pair as both ninja gear and spies – because if you’ve never seen a talking Tyrannosaurus Rex in a tux try to talk his way into an exclusive party you haven’t really lived.

While working diligently on finding a cure for his mother both Derek and his father let other problems slide as the issue’s B-story sets up the next arc when Tyrannosaurus-X liberates the Dino Men from Earthcore Headquarters and begins to set in motion his new villainous scheme. I’ve missed you Super Dinosaur, welcome back. Worth a look.

[Image, $2.99]

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